Dental Implants – Replacing missing teeth

Dental implants can help provide a fixed replacement for missing teeth that looks and feels similar to a natural tooth.

They are biocompatible fixtures that work to replace a single or group of missing teeth. Today, implants are considered a premium tooth replacement option as they are typically fixed and don’t move around like dentures and have outstanding success rates.  They are made of extremely strong, high-performance titanium alloys and are sometimes combined with the latest ceramics to improve strength and appearance.

For some people, conventional bridges or dentures are uncomfortable, difficult to clean, move around or feel or appear unnatural. In most cases, dental implants have the advantage of not having to adjust or grind away existing teeth and are firmly fixed in place. Fixed long term options mean a better quality of life with a reason to smile.

A few requirements for being suitable for implants include healthy gums, good bone quality and volume to accommodate the implant and ceramic crown.

With the combination of precise surgical work by our dentists and fine craftsmanship from our local dental technicians, Dental Quarters is able to offer you an extensive variety of dental implant options to replace your missing tooth or teeth.

We have done extensive research supported by scientific based evidence when choosing our equipment and implant system of choice.


Image on far right: Example of dental implant treatment by Dr Stephen Chan to replace a broken down front tooth.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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